September 18, 2013

So, there was a new juice next to my usual Blueprint and Suja buddies at Whole Foods – called Project Fresh!

It comes from Connecticut, and is a little bit less expensive.

It seems there are only limited flavors of this. I also can’t find Project Fresh on Facebook – and their website needs some work.

In any event – I want to just record my thoughts so far.

The deep Kale juice, was not my favorite. It was OK, there was a fair amount of solids in it, and the lemon flavor was “rindy” – not as tart, more bitter.

I LOVE the easy Pink lemonade. It’s less spicy than the typical master cleanse drinks, and still has the magical key ingredients. Tasty indeed, with just enough heat. (would have been better over ice).

Their carrot ginger blend is quite tasty. More ginger than expected, but I love ginger, so that’s A-OK with me.

I’m just starting the Beet blend now.

ALSO – My dear Whole Foods – has managed to start carrying the three new flavors (small) of BluePrint juice!

Here’s my thought so far:

Carrot Lemon – surprisingly disappointed. Compared to carrot lemonades I have made at home, this was a lot of carrot, not a lot of lemon, kind just … meh.

Kale Apple – was a little bland but fine. An easy grab and go green drink. Nothing stand out taste-wise.

Orange Grapefruit Lemon – LOVED THIS. Was shocked, I was afraid it would be too bitter and tart. It was NOT. It was like the perfect orange juice. And I love orange juice. The only thing better might be blood orange juice. But hey, we can’t always get what we want.

Ok – off to drink my beet blend – will report back at some point! 🙂


So – I did pretty well today…

From 8-12am (because of court), I had 20 oz of water, Glow, and about 10 oz of green tea (I spilled).

Then Fuel and 13 oz of water.

Then Purify and 13 oz of water.

Then coco cafe and 13 oz of water.

Then Lemon Lime Ginger and 13 oz of water.

Then Purify and 13 oz of water.

Now Cashew Nut milk and 16 oz of water.

– I haven’t felt ravenous at all today. I really just miss food. I had the the Lemon and second purify over the course of visiting at my friends’ – while they all ate Burger King. I don’t typically even like fast food. But the smells of food, have really been killing me. All of my bad food cravings are still there, but as I consider my day tomorrow, I wonder what exactly I’ll end up eating, because my insides feel pretty good right now, and I don’t want to just completely ruin that. Although the rehearsal dinner is tomorrow night, and I think we’re doing Red Robin for lunch on Friday 🙂

When I weighed in this morning, I think I was down about half a lb. Not the dramatic weight loss of my first cleanse. But I’ll take it.

Potty talk alert:

TMI on its way…

Today my poop was looser – b/c of the purifies most definitely. . . and red. I pooped mid day – what a relief, I felt like it was building up for some reason. Then I pooped a few more times just little bits here and there. Still amazing that 3 days with absolutely NO solid food, and that’s still coming out. Gotta wonder what would happen on a more serious cleanse? And of course, I peed after just about every drink. 🙂


Tomorrow – I eat again!

So today wasn’t perfect either:

I made it to almost noon without any of my juices. Started today with 24 oz of water, a teaspoon of bee pollen, and 13 oz of green tea.

After court (and a parking ticket b/c court never starts on time) – I had Glow – I have to remember I don’t LOVE glow. It’s OK, but not delicious. Followed by 13 oz of water.

I had my Fuel and 13 oz of water at the office.

I had coco cafe (again a complete cheat, but I need the caffeine, and I planned ahead to have these on hand, b/c they are 140 calories, coconut water, and not too bad otherwise… it prevents me from caving for a worse caffeinated beverage on the fly out of desperation) and 13 oz of water at or on the way to Aveda.

While shopping I had Pineapple Apple Mint (Blueprint) and 13 oz of water. (Surprisingly more tart than I expected considering there’s no lemon in it).

Doing returns, I had a Purify and 13 oz of water. & 13 oz of green tea.

For dinner – I had Blueprint red and 13 oz of water.

Now I’m enjoying my cashew nut milk with another 13 oz of water.

Haven’t felt famished. Focus is mostly fine. Just crazy brained b/c I’m so busy. It’s definitely nice to feel hydrated. Other than the fuzzy teeth feeling, today I have felt great. I have a TINY headache, not as bad as yesterdays.

Also sat through dinner with friends at their place, while they had subs, french fries, chicken fingers, and mozzarella sticks. It really wasn’t that bad to sit there and not eat. Although, they say that these things are supposed to reset your cravings – they seem to make me crave things I don’t even normally eat – like fast food, fried food… anything I can smell really hahaha!

One more added edit – I did weigh in this morning, down 1 lb from yesterday.

Upcoming, potty talk.


I pooped this morning, pretty normal. I’m waiting for the effects of the red juices today – I”m surprised I haven’t pooped again yet. I pee a TON.

Day 1.

Checked the expiration dates on my juices and realized I needed to drink all three of my Green Supremes today – so I changed up the order of things a little.

For breakfast I had a teaspoon of bee pollen, 20 oz of water, 13 oz of green tea, and on my way to court a Green Supreme. That was all from about 730 to 930.

After court 11/1130 to 2pm, I had a water (13 oz), Fuel, more water (13 oz), and a coco cafe.

From 2 – 5 I had green tea and water (13 oz each). (note to self, I prob should have had a juice in this time frame).

From 530-7 – I had another Green Supreme.

From 8-830 Another Green Supreme

Now I have a headache. I thought the green tea and coco cafe would be enough to ward off caffeine withdrawals – I guess we’ll see.

I have a Purify and Cashew Nut Milk left and it’s 920. I might just save the Purify for breakfast at the end of the cleanse.

Because I don’t think I need both, and I’m more in the mood for the sweet delicious calming cashew nut milk.

I had 13 oz of water, waited til about 10, and decided to go with the cashew nut milk – I added cinnamon, raw honey and nutmeg to it.

Stop here if you’re not interested in potty talk…

TMI alert:

I pooped normally today I’d say – It’s nice to know that my system is catching up.

Peed a ton. That’s to to be expected.

The end.

PS. Edited to add, I do think that not eating makes you cold. Today was a pretty warm nice day … until the cold rainstorm. It took nothing to put a chill into me, that even though it’s hot in here, I can’t seem to shake.

Just some stuff

May 29, 2013

a change 2012 This is one I took last year – I had already lost a bunch of weight.

This one, my sister in law took a couple of weeks ago… My arms don’t look fat. I still have weight to lose, but sometimes I am shocked at how far I have come. me and reese


Especially from this.


Juice cleanse and after

April 18, 2013

So, I forgot to follow up on day four and the aftermath of the juice cleanse.

Day four I incorporated some foods, and had a few juices. The problem was still the severe caffeine withdrawals.

I’ve also had a lingering cold forever, and I’m not sure if the cleanse knocked the remainder out of hiding or what, but for a few days after, I felt like I was having swollen glands, and then my congestion got TERRIBLE. I also felt like … when I ate “real food” again (not that I was making the best food choices) that I was heavy and weighed down.

I took a mucinex earlier this week, and I finally think this cold is going away. I hate taking cold medicine. I have just gone straight back to coffee, because … well, I didn’t realize what an effort it would be to let go of caffeine and wasn’t mentally prepared for that. This was more of a nutritional reset.

Overall – I lost 6 lbs on the cleanse, and kept 5 off after reincorporating food.

I went to yoga at the beginning of the week and feel great. I just need to get back on track with planning.

I really liked the cleanse and want to do it again soon. Or incorporate juices throughout the week, maybe for breakfast and dinner.

I guess that’s it for now.

OH – Milestone! Last year my doctor told me to aim for 140lbs. I am now at 140!!!

I have reset my goal to 132 for now. Even though all the “bmi calculators” tell me I need to be 127 or lower to be in the “healthy” (versus overweight) range. Baby steps.

Edited to add:
Warning this might be TMI.

I read some blogs before doing the juice cleanse, and saw that some people get constipated. I did not. In fact, quite the opposite. It wasn’t always emergency level, but… well, it was good to be close to a bathroom most of the time. I’m not sure if that’s because I had food too, soup, or drank enough water… or just b/c my digestive system is weird… but I definitely felt CLEAN after!


This is what’s in my bag for the day.

I started the morning 8-9AM with 12 oz of hot water with cinnamon honey and nutmeg, and 16 oz of cold water.

From about 9-930AM I drank my Suja Glow. Yum.

I had court from 930 to about 1100AM. On my way back to the office I drank my Suja Fuel.

It’s 1215PM now and I’m sitting down with people in the office to eat my roasted vegetable soup, after having had about another 12 oz of cold water.

So at 230PM I have had about 20 more oz of water, and am about to have my BluePrint Green.

I’m feeling a little hungry. We’ll see if the juice and water help. I hope so. I’m prepared to eat my chef’s salad later if I need to. But so far, usually the juice helps.

Oh good – 3pm and caffeine withdrawals. Sweet.

705 – I had 16 oz of water on my way to my haircut, another 8 oz of water there. My Blueprint Red on the way back. Another 16 oz of water in addition to that. . .

The caffeine withdrawals are killing me. I almost had some of my chef’s salad… but decided to see how I feel when I get home instead.

Well – I ended up going to the mall for a little shopping, Maid of Honor, type stuff… My caffeine withdrawals got the better of me and I indulged in a starbucks bottled drink.

I had another 16 oz of water.

Now I’m chilling my cashew nut milk, and will enjoy that before bed.

It’s 1030PM and I haven’t been ravenously hungry, just … miss food. 🙂 Because I love to eat.

I am eating my chef’s salad tomorrow. Two juices and two soups. – at least that’s the plan.

Other than the withdrawals, I feel pretty good! Maybe I’ll brave a real three day cleanse sometime when I know I won’t have as many social challenges, and try green tea as a caffeine supplement… food for thought. 😉

Well, I blew yesterday. But today is a new day. I wanted to note that after court yesterday I was famished.


8AM-9AM: Dark chocolate Zico water with small iced coffee

10-1030AM: Suja Juice Green Supreme ( very tasty ).


12-1PM: Roasted Vegetable Soup and 16oz of water.
1-3PM: 16oz of water
3-420PM: 16oz of Blueprint cleanse, Lime Ginger Lemon Agave – MUCH better than the hot lemonade.

So far today I haven’t been particularly hungry – A little, but nothing I can’t manage (it’s 420pm).

I do want macaroni and cheese though – or a sandwich. But that’s pretty much every day.

I tried to book a haircut or massage but failed. Then I ended up going to a friend’s house whose fiance and brother went to help fix my washing machine…

I was VERY TEMPTED – I bought them dinner, pizza and subs – even ordered myself a chef salad in case I got tempted. But I drank my Blueprint Red around 7pm… I had sipped on orange flavored coconut water between 445-6pm.

The Red kept me satisfied enough to resist pizza, subs, and even my salad. I even TOUCHED the pizza to cut it up for my friend’s kid! Grrrr.

I came home split up the chef’s salad into two, and spread my juices and soups out over the next three days… So, it won’t be a perfect cleanse. It’s a start.

Took a steam shower, because I was feeling cold. I am not sure if I was cold because I wasn’t eating, or because I’m always cold, or because it’s cold outside!

I am about to enjoy my first Blueprint Cashew milk, after another 16 oz of water. I hear these are a real treat, and I’m feeling a little hungry, I might have skipped it this late – it’s 930.

So, I bought some juices to do a juice a cleanse. A mix of Suja and Blueprint. Well, I tried to start Easter weekend in Vermont, with my family, while celebrating a nieces a birthday… So Saturday was a fail. I did however try, and LOVE, Suja’s Glow and Fuel juices.

Now, I only have so many juices left and I’m trying to be economical and realistic, so here’s my plan for this “three day cleanse.”

I have some roasted vegetable soup that I pulled out of the freezer. So that will be lunch of dinner some days. I also had a salad for lunch today, with chicken, cheese, fruit, nuts, and greens – It was a business lunch and I also had two beers.

So today has looked something like this so far:

7AM-8AM: 16 oz of cold water with a squirt of lemon, 16 oz of hot water with teaspoon of cinnamon and honey.

8AM-9AM: 4-6 oz of Zico dark chocolate coconut water with 12-16 oz iced coffee.

9-11 court.

11AM-12: Suja Purify (very beety, but pretty good), 20 oz water.

1-3PM: blackberry brie salad with grilled chicken breast and 2 magic hats.

3-5PM: 16 oz water.

Now it’s 530PM I’m sipping the Blueprint Lemon Cayenne Agave juice – and I strongly dislike it and had thought twice about paying this much for “hot lemonade” – in hindsight I should have gone with my gut.

Anyway – that leaves orange coconut water, and my roasted vegetable soup left for the day, and I don’t foresee needing both of those. We’ll see. At this rate however, I am not going to make the yoga class I intended to go to.

 Update – well, I ended up having more food for dinner, and some drinks, and completely blew April 1.


December 31, 2012

Sometimes when the scale isn’t moving, other numbers are. So here are my 12/31/12 measurements:

Right Thigh: 26

Left Thigh: 26

Right Calf: 14

Left calf: 14

Neck: 13.5

bust: 38

skinniest waist: 31

fattest pooch: 41

hips: 43.5